Become a supply teacher

Become a supply teacher

Become a supply teacher? Well that all depends upon your personal circumstances. There is a lot you have to factor in; the amount of money you need to survive, if you have the right temperament, if you like travelling to the unknown and can live on the edge of the unknown.Having now worked for almost a decade in the teaching industry I can honestly say that my best times were during supply cover. The pressure and politics of a class teacher is ever increasing and as a result the working environment is turning sour. More and more pressure is being put on classroom teachers by senior management which has now led to a crisis.

5 Reasons 

  1. Flexibility
  2. Work life balance
  3. Variety of different schools
  4. Discover different areas and meet new people.
  5. Marking, assessing pupil progress, after school meetings, and end of year reports

Supply teacher?

become a supply teacher

I have listed my top 5 reasons to become a supply teacher. Do you agree with me? Any i’ve missed out? Please contribute below as I would love to hear your thoughts.

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