Which supply agency do I choose?

Which supply agency do I choose?

Let me explain which supply agency to choose

With so many agencies you maybe confused as to which supply agency to choose from; fear not because i’m here to explain to you some common pitfalls. Very rarely will agencies pay their top end of their daily rate e.g. advertise £130-£180 daily rate on multiple sites and then when you go to the initial screening/vetting process they tell you “Well it’s all down to experience and looking at your C.V. the best we can offer is X.” Get ready for this standard line answer, the only reason they had the £130-£180 was as a bait…To catch you of course!

Top questions to ask

  1. How many schools do you have on your books/system?
  2. How many teachers work for your agency?
  3. What is the highest daily rate currently on your system who has NOT completed 12 weeks service with the same school?

Once they’ve grabbed your action with their phoney headline and you’ve travelled all the way down to their office as excited as anything, hoping to use the money to buy the latest phone; they pull out all their tricks to avoid paying their top end advertised daily rate. Some common answers will look like this:

  1. You do not have enough classroom experience.
  2. We have a ladder system and if you are placed on the highest rate it’s unlikely that you’ll get the first call. You see, primary supply teaching agencies are all about margins. Why should an agency call their highest paid supply teacher first? They always start with the cheapest and this makes business sense; it also explains why they all tend to have fancy offices in central London.
  3. We can only increase your daily rate once you’ve completed 12 weeks service within the same school. Even after that they will only match your previous M scale.

Direct Supply Teachers

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What is unique about Direct Supply Teachers is that all teachers are paid £150 daily rate, no negotiations, nothing. Schools also pay a very competitive rates. There are no fancy offices as this is a junior supply teaching agency with fantastic relationships with schools within London. Direct Supply Teachers only recruits experienced teachers and in return teachers are paid handsomely into their umbrella account without fuss. I personally advise you to visit http://ratemyteachingagency.com.This website reviews supply teaching agencies so you can filter out the gems from stones.

If you have your favourite supply agency, then share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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