Daily Rate

Here’s the facts, agencies will try and leverage teachers to work all day and claim sometimes up to 30% of a teachers’ hard earned income. We don’t believe in this. If you are hired by Direct Supply Teachers you will be earning a daily rate of £150, we don’t believe in false advertisements; clear transparency and an honest ethos is embedded throughout our company.


Daily Rate Comparison Table


Supply Agency Daily Rate Difference per day Weekly Impact Monthly Impact
Direct Supply Teachers £150 +£10/£20 +£50/£100 +£200/£400
Agency A £140 -£10 -£50 -£200
Agency B £130 -£20 -£100 -£400

You will come across many agencies which will attempt to short change you. We strongly urge all supply teachers to negotiate the best possible daily rate. Direct Supply Teachers has one rate for all and we’re not afraid to say it. The table above shows the financial implications of -£10 and -£20, which over the course of only just a month can amount to as much as £400! You don’t need much maths skills to workout how immense this difference could be if you were to work as a supply teacher for over a course of a year.


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